Managing Risk

Building technology driven businesses is not easy. Having experienced success and failure (as founders, inventors, management, Directors & investors), the Anglo Scientific Team have evolved a risk mitigating approach to building companies so as to limit the downside and give companies the best chance of a successful outcome.

Our collective experience of building high-growth companies has allowed us to create an ecosystem of global scientific and managerial talent, academic and corporate contacts, and diverse sources of capital for different stages of company building, all of which facilitates the growth of our businesses and assists in mitigating many of the risks inherent in building and growing disruptive technology companies.

Our Team

The Anglo Scientific team are first and foremost entrepreneurs, with collective knowledge spanning biomedical science, security and resilience and communications. Our backgrounds are drawn from business, science and technology academia, venture capital advisory, industry, finance and government.

Collectively we have the talents to start and build companies, critically recognising when to let go, as the company leaves the stable with solid management and becomes a fully independent business being capably led to exit

Deal flow

Anglo Scientific has deep relationships with many of the world’s leading universities and academic institutions from which it sources scientific ideas and technological approaches to underpin its companies. We have an open door policy and are frequently contacted by scientists at the point they think their work, often accumulated over a lifetime, has the potential to solve a  problem in a significant global niche market.

These relationships provide us with a pool of talent to assess and solve specific scientific problems when creating a business, but also “go to” experts in their field to validate 3rd party discoveries and ideas.


To build a high growth successful business you need talented people to manage the business, transform an idea on the lab bench to a certified product, mange the supply chain, build a go to market strategy and finally execute the business plan.

Anglo Scientific has over time refined its process and relationships so as to be able to attract the best talent available as early as possible in the process, whilst recognising that the team that starts building the business is rarely the one that executes the exit strategy and final return to investors.


Anglo Scientific sources capital from around the table, a number of Angel groups and crowd funding platforms in the UK, USA and Europe in the early stages of company building. We have close working relationships with a number of Family Offices from around the globe, together with a strategic partnership with Innvotec who run the Anglo Scientific EIS fund, which has helped cornerstone our investment process for nine years.

What does this mean? Many investors are concerned, quite rightly, that the company they invest in might have a winning product, strategy and team to build it, but that it will run out of capital as it moves into growth phase when it requires more capital. Anglo Scientific’s network and strategic relationships mitigate this risk. We aim to align all stakeholders in our businesses to execute successful exits, in the optimum timeframe so as to maximise shareholder returns.

Shared functions

Many early stage businesses flounder as a result of poor controls and reporting. Anglo Scientific puts in place a professional support structure for start ups from day one.  Our excellent back office based in Ledbury UK does everything from accounts and monthly reporting, payroll, VAT, accounts, annual returns, share registers,  EIS forms for UK investors, to investor relations, providing a full company secretarial solution. The shared functions offered by Anglo Scientific are a cost effective solution for early stage companies and ensures day to day functions of the business are well controlled and executed.